BEM Mandatory Course 2



Organized by

Board of Engineers, Malaysia 

IEM Training Centre Sdn. Bhd. 

BEM approved CPD/PDP Hours = 12. Ref: IEM10/PP/060/C 

The need of a well-structured course on engineering management methodology is essential to practising engineers who have the intention to develop their career as well as to be decision makers in their organization. This programme is specially designed to expose engineers on the art of managing Engineering Companies. Financial knowledge for engineers, project management, the needs of information technology in preparation for the challenges into the next millennium and so forth. This programme, in total, will expose the engineers with the contemporary management and functional skills to enable them to manage their work more effectively.

  • To expose the aspects of managing engineering companies.
  • To provide management principles to engineer – Culture, politics, motivation. 
  • To create financial understanding for the engineers. 
  • To highlight engineer’s perspective on project financing. 
  • To give information on the importance of IT to engineers. 
  • To provide awareness on global trends of trade liberalization. 

  • Engineering Management Philosophy: Programme Management & Project Management – The Differences. The Art of Managing Engineering Companies. 
  • Finance for the Engineers. 
  • Project Financing in Privatisation Deals. 
  • What is SHE? 
  • A Spread of Project Implementation Methods & Related Case Studies. 
  • IT in Engineering. 
  • Environmental Analysis on Impact of Trade Liberalization & Globalization.

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