How to Become a Professional Engineer (P.ENG @ IR)

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The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) and The Board of Engineers, Malaysia (BEM) will implement new training requirements for all Graduate Engineers who register from 1 January 2005

The Board of Engineer, Malaysia and The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia have decided to implement revised training requirement for graduate engineers who desire to become professional engineers. This is in view of the fact that engineering students follow varied routes in their pursuit for an engineering degree. The requirements include, beside extended training period, compulsory courses to be undertaken, participation in Professional Development Programmes (PDP) and involvement in continuing engineering education programmes. With these measures, it is hoped that we will improve the quality of our Professional Engineers who will be able to serve globally.

The training requirements will be effective for graduates from accredited univerisity programmes registered after 1 January 2005. The detailed requirements are as follows:

The practical experience that a registered Graduate Engineer is required to obtain under Section 10 (I)(b) of the Act in order to be entitled to apply for registration as a Professional Engineer shall be carried out in a manner satisfactory to the Board for a period of not less than THREE (3) years covering the following:

a) General Training which should link the conceptual analytical abilities developed during the degree course with its wide application in industry and give sound base for professional development, for a period of not less than TWO (2) years of which up to twelve months of relevant, accredited recognised industrial training during the undergraduate course may be credited.

b) Professional Career Development Training, which will provide exposure to skills awareness, management, responsibility, teamwork, logical approach etc. for a period of not less than TWO years.

c) Satisfactory Attendance in the following course conducted by BEM or institution approved by BEM.

(i) Code of Ethics 12 hrs
(ii) Occupational Safety and Health at work, relevant bylaws / regulation 12 hrs
(iii) Engineering Management Practice 12 hrs
(iv) Topics related to branch of engineering 24 hrs

(d) Completion of not less than 30 units of professional development which includes attendance at talks, seminars, meetings and community services.


The IEM Secretariat receives numerous enquiries almost daily from graduate engineers as to how they can qualify as professionals. 
Listed below the steps which are necessary to enable graduate engineers to be registered by the Board of Engineers, Malaysia (BEM) as Professional Engineers (P.E).

1) Register with the Board of Engineers upon graduation as it is compulsory under the Engineers Act 1967 for all practising engineers to register with the Board.

2)All Graduate engineers are required to complete at least THREE (3) years of relevant work experience after graduation with an accredited engineering degree.These training stints should as far as possible be completed under the guidance of a P.Eng. who is in the same discipline as the Graduate engineer.

After registration with the Board, the engineers could approach towards their objectives of obtaining P.E. either on their own or through the IEM Log book scheme.

If they opt for the IEM Log Book Scheme, they should follow the procedures documented in the TRAINING SCHEME GUIDELINES.

Once the candidates complete their training (either on their own or through the IEM Log Book scheme), the next step for them is to sit for the Professional Interview conducted by IEMOnce they pass this interview (which consists of oral questions and essay writing) they could be admitted as Corporate Members of IEM and are then eligible to apply to the BEM to be registered as P.Eng.

Implemention Date: September 2007

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