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The objective of the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia is the advancement of engineering profession. Before becoming a Corporate member of the Institution and/or being registered under the Registration of Engineers Act, 1967 a person must have received engineering education and advanced training to standards determined by the Institution and the Board of Engineers, Malaysia.

The Institution and the Board are two separate bodies.  However, their representatives work together in committees of the Institution to establish common standards of education and training and the Board normally accepts the standards of the Institution as satisfying its requirements. Professional Interviews are conducted by the Institution for Corporate membership of the Institution.


The Institution Training Scheme is drawn up by the Institution to provide for the proper practical training of young graduates entering the profession of engineering and to ensure the such training conforms to the Institution Rules concerning the admission of Corporate Members.

Although not obligatory, it will normally be advantageous for a candidate appearing for the Professional Interview to obtain his practical experience under a formal training scheme of the Institution supervised by a Corporate Member of the Institution.
The Professional Interview Regulations state that a Candidate shall have at least THREE (3) years (after graduation with an accredited engineering degree) of approved experience in planning, design, execution or management of such works as stipulated and relevant for the profession of an engineer. Candidates may apply for P.I. after having undergone at least THREE (3) years of relevant work experience - either through the IEM Log Book Scheme or working experience under the guidance of a Corporate Member of IEM of the same discipline.

Other training scheme(s) bearing similar provisions as the Institution training scheme may be accepted as its equivalent. Prior approval of the Institution is required for such scheme to be accepted. Please check with Secretariat. 


The Institution shall prepare, maintain and keep under review, a register of Corporate Members who are willing to act as mentors to candidates for approved practical training as set out in the IEM Professional Interview Regulations.

Applicants for inclusion in the register may be made to the Honorary Secretary of the Institution on a prescribed Form. The requirements are as follows:

  •  The Corporate Member shall be in such a position of responsibility as will enable him, in the opinion of the council, to ensure that the Candidate obtains adequate and relevant practical training in the field, office and on works, and to exercise such supervision that he can sign the certificate required by the Institution on the completion of the training period.
  • He shall have been a Corporate Member for at least three years.
  • He shall not act as mentor to more than three candidates at any one time.
  • He shall undertake to report any change of circumstances which may prevent him from providing proper training to the Candidate.

The Candidate shall perform this practical training under the Institution Training Scheme on a prescribed Institution Log Book available at a prescribed fee of RM10/– per copy.
On satisfactory completion of the period of training, the Candidates shall prepare the necessary documents to be signed by the Corporate Member and shall submit this with his application to sit for the Professional Interview.

Implemention Date: September 2007

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